Two poles of excellence: the first a depository of art, history, and culture; the second a place of healing, innovation, research, and a University. The Pinacoteca di Brera and IRCCS Humanitas Research Hospital have come together for the project “Brera in Humanitas.”

Their aim: to promote the beauty of art, its communicative and emotional scope, and the empathy it can generate, using it to lighten the time spent by patients during their stay or their wait in hospital, as well as the time devoted to caring activities by the professionals who work there. Masterpieces by thirteen great artists – from Raphael to Hayez, from Piero della Francesca to Lotto – will transform 360 square metres of hospital wall, giving a new look to waiting rooms and hallways: twenty-three details from fifteen masterworks, blown up to produce extra-large images in extremely high resolution – about 668 million pixels – have come from Brera to greet visitors, patients, and workers of the hospital. This mission is particularly close to the heart of the Associazione Amici di Brera, which embraced the project.

The selected images depict gestures that describe a caring action, a closeness, or a relationship; faces and gazes that reassure and comfort; as well as Lombard landscapes and natural environments that open up unexpected vistas inside the hospital.      


The “Brera in Humanitas” project is part of “La cura e la bellezza,” an unprecedented experiment in Italy. One of the project’s main features is that it offers a new perspective on these paintings, rendered in a format that enhances every detail and brushstroke, radically transforming the aesthetic experience to which we are accustomed in museums. It also offers a new perspective on the hospital, where beauty and shared emotions give strength to those who enter it, as well as to the healing experience. At the heart of the project, Humanitas’s desire to shed a new light on the hospital’s identity – care, innovation, research, and the University – but also on the human experience of illness. The medium of this narrative is beauty and its transformative power, capable of producing emotion. 

The first chapter of “La cura e la bellezza” was the project “La Carrara in Humanitas”, born in Bergamo in 2018 from the cooperation of the Gavazzeni and Castelli Humanitas hospitals with the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo, followed by “Opere in Parole” (Works in Words) in 2020. 



Bernardo Bellotto, Paris Bordon, Carlo Crivelli, Vincenzo Campi, Piero della Francesca, Filippo De Pisis, Francesco Hayez, Il Francia (Francesco Raibolini), Silvestro Lega, Lorenzo Lotto, Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Raffaello, Simon Vouet



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